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Hi guys,

I don’t know if anyone reads this over here, but I’ve moved to the new blog located at

It’s an extension of my regular photography website ( so I’ll see you there. 🙂



I’m not really sure who still reads this, but I’m updating it anyway. 🙂

So it’s been a while since we last posted, but life is so incredibly busy! Both Josh and I are chugging along with our jobs, but I do have some exciting news with my job at the bank! I was recently promoted to Assistant Manager of the Steilacoom Keybank branch! It’s a really small branch, so from the looks of it, I will be managing it by myself for now. I’ve got a great team out there, so I’ve got very high hopes about it. 🙂 We are still waiting to hear the final numbers of the levy for the Dupont fire department, but as of right now it’s not looking too great. It’s so close too! 48% yes, 51% no. Please help us and pray that perhaps things will look up in that department! Josh is doing great though, he just recently tested @ Lakewood Fire Dept. and we are praying that he will land a position there or nearby. Whatever happens with Dupont, it was a great opportunity for him and he has had a chance to work with some great people!

Also for those that don’t know, we do have another blog on our photography website: If you’re looking for pictures, that’s where you want to go. To access the blog, you’ll just click on BLOG at the top, haha. 🙂 Most of you know already, but I do a little bit pf photography on the side, so that’s where I store all of the pictures! 🙂

So…that’s really all that we have going on in our lives right now. Nothing too eventful, but uneventful is good sometimes. 🙂 We are doing great, and we hope all of you are as well. 🙂

Josh and Melanie

Photo of the Day

1st things 1st: Josh got hired at Dupont Fire Department, yay! (See his pic below…you can tell he’s happy.) We are so excited for him and of course, very proud! Congrats honey! 🙂

2nd of all:

I decided that some days, I’ll post a “photo of the day.” Josh and I went biking through Fort Steilacoom today and took some pics! Here is the photo of the day! Okay well are three because I can’t decide. 😀

and of course….